Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Poetry Discussion

Yesterday in English we discussed Poetry. We talked about what we thought poetry was and what the difference was between something being poetic and a poem. 

I consider poetry to be something you use to express your feelings and thoughts. I feel that poetry does not have to be just words, it could be a video or a picture. It's about making something poetic, not necessarily being a 'poem'. 

I think that by analyzing poems we can get deeper into the text and it is easier to read between the lines. It helps to make interpreting the text/video/photo much simple. 

We have recently learnt a lot about analyzing poems and new definitions about different poetic techniques. We learnt about economy verse and how it affects the way the poem is written.

As I mentioned before, a poem does not have to be words, it could be a video or picture. One of my favourite videos of this interpretation is The Mouse Poem by Sam Pepper, which I have posted about before.

"A poem doesn't have to use words. Be inspired by everything."

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