Monday, 25 February 2013

Reading 'What Is The What'

We've been reading 'What Is The What' for over a month by now. I have read a little past book number two and so far the events in the whole book have been quite interesting.

We talked about the book in class and most people found the parts where Valentino described his present life in America to be quite slow and boring, whereas I found it fascinating. I think that the reason for this was that I liked looking at the people mentioned in the book as developing characters and how they had changed overtime and now during their life in America. 

The part that intrigued me the most was when the narrator talked about how Sudanese people adored giving speeches and were extroverts. After all that the Lost Boys had gone through in their life, you would expect them to quiet down and turn into introverts but their personalities and socializing skills remained the same.

I am really looking forward to reading what happens next in Valentino's life.

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