Monday, 4 February 2013

How to Write About India

The title should always have something to do with something religious and/or slums in general. Use words like 'village', 'cow', 'God' or 'poor', this will help in showing the main idea of the story.

On the cover of the book make sure that the picture you use is of a rigid, skinny person in a ragged piece of cloth. Try to show that 90% of the population lives in slums.

Five percent of the other being the ones participating in Bollywood and the other five percent being the ones who migrated. When talking about the five percent that migrated, talk about how they are struggling immensely outside their comfort zone and having trouble with their accent. Because all of them have an Indian accent. If ever mentioning Bollywood, do not talk about the multiple amounts of movies they make, just mention the fact that the dancing to the songs in the movies impacts the whole country and educates them.

Do not forget to mention the sports, cricket only of course. Make sure not to talk about the national sport which is hockey, cricket is the most important.

When starting to conclude your story, make sure you include a quote by Mahatma Gandhi.
It will really bring contrast to your piece.

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