Tuesday, 30 October 2012

TED Talks

Today in English we watched a video from TED Talks and the guest was a Nigerian author. Overall, I found the video quite interesting as she talked about multiple topics, some of them being reading and writing.
She talked about how as a child she read American and British books which affected her writing. She would write about the things she read, how the people in books talked about the weather and had blue eyes.
During the video, at some parts I had zoned out as I had watched this video a couple times before today.
I learnt some important points through this video;

  • I learnt that the things we read affect the way we write, like stories/books with stereotypical characters.
  • Single stories can make you biased towards different cultures in books.
  • Single stories are not the only stories, we can expand and look into more of what is happening.

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