Wednesday, 5 September 2012

The Classroom

For me, English class has always been somewhere where I can express my feelings through writing, sharing and listening to ideas. I enjoyed how we got to experience writing straight away and got to edit our peers' work. I think that it helped me, as well as the whole class, to reflect on our own writing and see how we could improve on it. 

While writing in this class, I learned how to be more descriptive in my writing by exaggerating some of the points and showing not telling. I also learnt to go more into depth on the events in the story, this helped me to make my writing more relatable and easy to picture. 

I would love if we discussed about the books that we, ourselves, are currently reading, At The Table. It would be interesting to see the different kinds of genres that our peers enjoy reading and trying out some new genres ourselves.
But what do you think?


  1. Hey Sana, I completely agree with you about discussing the books we're reading 'At The Table' because it will give us a chance to see what everyone else is reading and give us a chance to read different genres.

  2. Love this idea! Will discuss soon.