Friday, 14 September 2012


       The tennis ball collides with my racket, sending it directly over the net. The damp sphere flies through the court leaving its miniscule droplets to splash across my face and forearm. The sound of the miniscule globe slapping against the racket sounds like hospital doors shutting loudly in the emergency room.
      I hit an ace.
       The sensation of achievement sinks through my nerves as I get ready for the next hit.
       The neon, lime coloured ball bounces back at me, slowly travelling to my left. I turned my body sideways, facing the ball as my right foot stands in front of the left. I lift my racket, swinging it just before the sphere bounces a foot away and I hit it.
       The ball prances back to my opponent, hitting the ground once as they miss the shot. 
       The ball scampers to the rear end of the court.

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