Thursday, 20 September 2012

Chemical Reactivity Reflection

I learnt many things this unit and I found them quite interesting. There were some new things that I learnt such as how to balance equations, I learnt what energy levels were and how to find out if the reaction in experiments were chemical changes or physical changes.
I do not think that I would forget any of these thing that I have learnt as I would love to continue to learn more about them in the future.
My favourite thing that we did in this unit was learning about valence electrons because I had never learnt about them before. I would still like to learn more about are the energy levels as well as how to balance equations.

Friday, 14 September 2012


  I dropped myself on the chair and continue to stare at the blank, expressionless paper sitting in front of me. I scanned the whole desk that was carpeted in drawings created by the students who had sat here previously. 
I pulled at the sleeves of my light, cotton jacket as I noticed a piece of wood with led clinging onto it. 
I lift up the pencil with my thumb and index finger, pivoting it and pointing the sharp end at the paper as if I was threatening it.
I begin to think, but not a single idea would puncture my brain. I moved my hand towards the upper-right corner of the page, my hand moving swiftly as I wrote my name.
I leaned back and slouched down slowly, my right hand fiddling with the pencil, whilst the left tapped my knee impatiently.
I let go of the pencil and watch as it spins steadily and cascades into the crease between the two tables.
Brushing myself off, I stand up and rub my hands together. 
I could always devour this work later.


       The tennis ball collides with my racket, sending it directly over the net. The damp sphere flies through the court leaving its miniscule droplets to splash across my face and forearm. The sound of the miniscule globe slapping against the racket sounds like hospital doors shutting loudly in the emergency room.
      I hit an ace.
       The sensation of achievement sinks through my nerves as I get ready for the next hit.
       The neon, lime coloured ball bounces back at me, slowly travelling to my left. I turned my body sideways, facing the ball as my right foot stands in front of the left. I lift my racket, swinging it just before the sphere bounces a foot away and I hit it.
       The ball prances back to my opponent, hitting the ground once as they miss the shot. 
       The ball scampers to the rear end of the court.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Wake Me Up

Wake me up when the birds are singing, when the sea is swimming.

Wake me up when the world is not famished, when we are all satiated.

Wake me up when all the venom disappears, just the way darkness disappears when you put on the light.

Wake me up when the "perfect" world is imperfect.

Monday, 10 September 2012


I pick up the wooden contrivance, placing it carefully on my lap as my left hand holds on to its neck. The strings seep through my fingers as I hold the first chord. Already leaving their print as my right hand strums the chord and changes its perspective instantly. 
The notes ooze from the sound-hole creating a distinct sound, relaxing my nerves and warmth circulates through my body. The excitement of getting the chord progression correct makes me happy and proud to know how to play this instrument. 
As I strum the last note, I let go of the chord. My thumb still in contact with the guitar, clutching it as my right hand holds the base of its body.  I pick it up by its neck and bow down to the audience, my head curling into my neck as the crowd applauds. The end of my mouth curls up into a smile as I walk out the auditorium. 
The six stringed musical instrument has been in my life for four years, changing me as a musician as well as person. 

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

The Classroom

For me, English class has always been somewhere where I can express my feelings through writing, sharing and listening to ideas. I enjoyed how we got to experience writing straight away and got to edit our peers' work. I think that it helped me, as well as the whole class, to reflect on our own writing and see how we could improve on it. 

While writing in this class, I learned how to be more descriptive in my writing by exaggerating some of the points and showing not telling. I also learnt to go more into depth on the events in the story, this helped me to make my writing more relatable and easy to picture. 

I would love if we discussed about the books that we, ourselves, are currently reading, At The Table. It would be interesting to see the different kinds of genres that our peers enjoy reading and trying out some new genres ourselves.
But what do you think?

Monday, 3 September 2012